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S.I.P. - Student Innovation Project

Eros is a project unlike any that have come before it. Named after the Greek god of beauty, Eros is an A.I. driven men's fashion mobile application. Users will be able to catalogue their wardrobe based off of a garments type, color, pattern using a number of visual examples. Once the user has catalogued their wardrobe, Eros will begin building fashionable outfits with the user's own clothes! Furthermore Eros will also function as a font of knowledge for all things fashion and style. User's may ask Eros to define terms like "nested suit" or even ask for themed outfit ideas.

Student Innovation Project - Eros: About

What is Eros?

Eros is about inspiring empowerment and confidence. Let's discuss how Eros will be used to achieve that goal.

Student Innovation Project - Eros: Video


The Build

Eros is being built using React Native Expo with the actual chatbot being coded in Python. Currently, the plan is for Eros to run on mobile smart devices.

The Background

I have worked in men's fashion for nearly 4 years now ranging from well known retailers such as Men's Wearhouse and Eddie Bauer to more local chains such as Nick's Menswear and The Modern Groom. Fashion is something I'm passionate about, I love the way I feel when I look like a million bucks and I love making others feel that way too through their wardrobe.

The Potential

Eventually, I would love to form a partnership with companies such as Men's Wearhouse or Dillard's. I would love to have Eros recommend an outfit to a user and then say something along the lines of "Hey! This outfit is amazing but this pocket silk would really tie it together! Get it here 15% off with the promo code xyz". I think this is an application that could do really well on a smart home device such as Alexa or Google Home.

Student Innovation Project - Eros: List

Eros Chatbot Demo in Application

The chatbot function of Eros will be available on a separate page of the application where the user may ask Eros to define terms, offer advice and ideas, and explain what is generally acceptable attire for certain dress codes.

Student Innovation Project - Eros: Video

Get to know Eros personally

Here you can get a more hands on demo of what Eros has to offer on your own hand held device by scanning the the QR code.
*Please be aware this project is still in development not yet at completion. Debugging as well as changes in appearance and function are ongoing.

Student Innovation Project - Eros: About

Eros Chatbot

Early Stages (initially coded in Python before switching to Java)

Code sample.png
Eros interaction sample.png

Example of code in Python for Eros

come on....png
terms demo.png

Debugging is ongoing. For the most part, Eros functions as intended but occasionally, the chatbot does not respond appropriately.

Eros can define various fashion related terms as well as offer advice for what to wear for certain occasions.

Example of Eros defining terms

Student Innovation Project - Eros: Products
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